Pastor - President Rev. Fr. Khachatur Kesablyan
Chairperson Sophia Manukian
Vice Chairman Sara Balian
Treasurer Jack Sarkissian
Recording Secretary Samantha Oldham
Activities Coordinator Arsen Melkumian
Advisor Sara Martinian




The ACYOA Juniors participate in many fun-filled activities throughout the year! All of these activities are centered on having fun with other Armenian kids, while helping out our church and community. Some of these events are sponsored by our Diocese, which give participants the opportunity to join kids from other parishes for fun and friendship. These events include Jr. Sports Weekend every October and May, which is a weekend of sports and dances, and of course lots of laughs. Another diocese sponsored event is the ACYOA Jr. Retreat each spring where members participate in discussions about our faith and what it means to be Armenian.

We also have fun helping out our parish through volunteering at the picnic, staffing a booth at the Annual Church Bazaar in November, and coordinating the Coffee Hours in the fall, as well as running the Palm Sunday banquet.

During the holidays we help needy families through the Giving Tree, and at other times in the year, bring in donations for the food bank.

Other events include just getting together for fun, such as a day of tubing, or having an Ice Cream Social.

Prayer of the ACYOA

O Lord our Savior Jesus Christ, Who art the Way, the Truth, and the Life, give us, the youth of the Church of Armenia, we beseech Thee, the wisdom to know, to love, and to serve Thee in our personal lives severally, and in the corporate life of our organization. Thou that leadest men in the way, lead us, thy children, that we may be able to serve the Church through our people, with courage and vision, and in the faith of our illustrious forefathers. Inspire us, O Lord, and open our eyes to thy light, that we may cherish and profit by the heritage which our forefathers have left to us, and that we may be aware of our responsibilities as citizens of our beloved country, the United States of America. Fill us, O Christ our God, with thy Holy Spirit, that we may be the obedient and unselfish servants of the Will of our Heavenly Father, to whom, together with Thee and the Holy Spirit, is befitting Glory, Dominion and Honor, now and always and unto the ages of ages. Amen

ACYOA Pledge

I solemnly promise and declare upon my honor, that as a member of the Armenian Church Youth Organization of America, I shall, to the best of my ability, be a faithful member of the Armenian Church; shall be a devoted upholder of the Armenian cultural heritage; shall be a loyal citizen of the United States of America; and I shall diligently abide by the objectives, policies, and decisions of the Armenian Church Youth Organization of America. I shall not strive for personal recognition and pleasure, but will serve our Church, our community and our country, for the greater glory of God.