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The Women's Guild Central Council (WGCC) was established in 1986, to serve as a coordinating, advising, and communicating body for the individual Women's Guilds which are an integral part of the life of each parish in the Eastern Diocese.

The Mission of the Women's Guild of the Armenian Apostolic Orthodox Church is to live and share the Gospel of Our Lord Jesus Christ through worship, education, witness, service and fellowship as expressed in the distinctive faith-experience of the Armenian people. All women of the Armenian Church are called to participate fully in this mission.

Local parish guilds along with the WGCC sponsor a variety of national and international projects; among these are the annual Saintly Women's Day; the annual Women's Guild Assembly; educational and cultural activities; the Children of Armenia Sponsorship Program (CASP), which benefits orphans and needy children in the Republic of Armenia; and the Schoolbag Project for Armenian Children, which encourages Armenia's school-age children by providing them with book bags filled basic school supplies and a children's Bible.


The ACYOA is a Christ-centered organization whose goal is to create among young adults a greater sense of spiritual culture and tradition, and to instill within its members, a true spirit of civic mindedness.

The purpose and role of the ACYOA, in the context of the Diocese of the Armenian Church, is vital importance, as it is charged with preparing and equipping young adults to participate in leadership capacities.

However, in order to do this, the Organization must educate its members about the teachings of the Armenian Church and the history of her people. It must motivate and stimulate creative thinking and illustrations of faith among its members by providing vehicles through which they may express themselves and demonstrate their faith, abilities, skills, interests, concerns, and willingness to try.

These vehicles must enable them to build friendships and lasting relationships. The Organization must develop programs through which members participate, receive information, feel a sense of belonging, experience meaningful relationships, and be exposed to the Armenian Church and her rich, cultural heritage. These programs must be diverse and they must lead young Armenian adults in the direction of future participation and leadership within parishes and Church at large.