Fridays of Lent

This year, The 48th Annual V. Rev. Fr. Ghevont Samoorian Lenten Program of Spiritual Renewal will focus on Christian virtues and their important role in life. “Fruits of the Spirit” (orthodox term for Christian virtues) provide a “recipe for living” and are often juxtapose to their opposites: charity/greed, humility/pride, chastity/lust, patience/wrath, diligence/sloth, kindness/envy, and temperance/gluttony.

The six Friday evening programs will be presented by guest speakers who will discuss how the “Fruits of the Spirit” interact with us and are vital ingredients in a recipe of living that can bring salvation. This program is offered as a means for the parish faithful to gather for worship, share a Lenten meal, and through presentations and discussions, encourage spiritual examination, understanding, and renewal.