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Camp St. Vartan

In the year 2014 thirteen of our parish children attended St. Vartan Camp.  Here are
some of their experiences which we would like to share.

 For more information on St. Vartan Camp please visit their website. St Camp Vartan



Name:  Samantha                                                  2014  Session A

I was so excited to go to camp.  I had been waiting since the day after I got home
from camp.  I got to see my friends from last year and I got to meet tons of new
friends.  I thought the new pool was amazing and the new chef makes delicious
food and he was so nice.  I had seen and met new counselors and CIT’s and had so much fun with them. 
I learned dancing, how to speak Armenian words.  I can not wait to see my friends
my counselors again next year.  


Name:  Harry                                    2014 Session A

I liked camp because you get to do fun activities every hour!  I enjoyed meeting new friends and getting
to know new people from many different states.  You get to play sports like capture the flag and Dodge ball.
Y’know, getting to know people is very hard, but you get use to it.  You get to learn tons of Armenian cultures
and foods and the language!  All and all, I’d love to go next year!


Name: Marissa                                        2014 Session A

Hi, my name is Marissa.  I went to St. Vartan Camp in Upstate Greenville, New York.
As I was there, I learned more stuff about God and I had a lot of fun!  This camp
helped bring  me closer to God.  Such as, how he loves us and that we should always
love and respect God no matter what.  I loved going to Badarak because singing the
songs made me feel like God was right there.  I also enjoyed praying and taking
communion.  It just made it really fun for me.  For our daily active stuff like sports and
swimming.  Swimming was my favorite because my friends and I would jump in the
pool together.  It just made it so much fun. 



Name: Angel                                                     2014 Session A

It all started off in early summer, I was on my way to summer camp in New York
at the Ararat Center.  One I got there, I went strait to the pool.  We went swimming
every day when there was nice weather, of course.  I loved the food at camp.  I always
love having Armenian food with all my friends.  Every day we had an evening activity
at the Wreck Hall which I loved because it’s away for me to get to know all of my
Christian family.  On Fridays we get an extended curfew because of the dance and
campfire.  Fridays are my favorite day of the week at St. Vartan Camp.  This year was
my first year being able to serve in chapel.  I love chapel because it helps me get closer
to God and I love to pray and sing with God and my Christian family.  I made a lot of
new friends throughout the course of this year, and I am looking forward to another awesome
summer like this again next year.